Isaac Layman at the Frye

Seattle artist Isaac Layman has his first solo museum exhibition going on now at the Frye Art Museum. Layman’s project, Paradise explores utopia created in his own home, through photography. The commonly accepted idea of a utopia is somewhere outside the city, where society has not taken its toll on the land and the community. Layman’s utopia goes inward to his Seattle home; rather than escape out, he escapes in.

While I found most of the show rather boring (his homes front windows have been hung on the gallery walls), and repetitive (how many more ways can you see a dirty wall?), there were two images that stood out. Because they were of actual objects, his methodical approach to f-stop and focus, became clear and interesting.



So, if you find yourself on First Hill, and want to check out some free art go see these very large photographs in person!

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