Jane’s First Thursday Lineup

Justin and I will be heading to Pioneer Square this evening to celebrate this months art. On the agenda are:

Platform Gallery- One More Kiss Then We’re History
This exhibit on Queer identity features photographs by Molly Landreth, a faculty member at the Photo Center. Her project “Embodiment: Portrait of a Queer Life” was first brought to my attention when she was a TA in my first lighting class. I look forward to seeing pieces in their finished forms!

Greg Kucera Gallery- Myraid
Myraid is a giant collage by artist Katy Stone. It will be inspiring to see a collage taking up the entire gallery space!

Grover/Thurston Gallery – Fay Jones
People, animals and numbers inhabit Fay Jones’s imaginative paintings and collages.

ArtXchange- Everything on Earth: Paintings from Vietnam
Five Vietnamese artists explore themes of war, rural and city life, spirituality and tradition. Since working in a Vietnamese restaurant, my interest in Vietnamese food and culture has been piqued. I have not spent enough time with Vietnamese art, and tonight I will take steps to change that.

Suyama Space-Buoyancy
Science and art meet in this instillation that changes with the weather.

Wing Luke Museum- opportunity to have your picture taken with Hello Kitty, while shopping for holiday gifts! Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am until 5pm through December 17th.

Stay tuned for reviews and pictures from the event! Hope you Seattleites will be able to make it to some of these exhibits that will be going on all month.