Organizing my Art Supplies

I’ve been going through my art supplies- old photographs I’ve printed, small boxes, knick knacks I’ve been carrying around for years…. I keep reorganizing this stuff, yet it never feels accessible. I keep thinking ‘Once I get this all organized then I will start making art.’ Sometimes I think maybe if I had a studio space that would encourage me to create some things. I want to just make something! I want to glue some things together so that they tell a story. But these things are my treasures, and I am afraid that if I use them to make art and the art doesn’t turn out beautiful (and why would it turn out beautiful since I never practice and have not perfected my artform?) that I will lose these treasures forever.

magazines, labels, acrylic paint, glitter, glue sticks, mat board, and card stock piled onto the floor

I tried to throw away some magazines, but when I picked them up to thumb through and see if there was anything worth saving, I just wanted to clip and save and use the images I found inside.

I have to get started! But there is so much going on with family and friends and traveling and romance and partying and socializing and working and schooling and cleaning and eating and washing and being pretty and being lazy.