30 Day Tor Challenge

My mom has challenged me to actively “be a photographer” for 30 days. Everyday I must photograph a subject that has been predetermined. In addition to daily shooting, each week must include a photo shoot that will be used to build up a portfolio. My goal in building the portfolio is to be able to have a business where I am taking portraits with a photo-journalist approach. The title the “Tor Challenge” comes from the photographer my mom and her husband, Matt used for their wedding. Tor is a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, which states:

“WPJA members should not have more than 25-35% of the wedding images on their web sites from the following combined categories*:

  • Portrait (photographer has control of the posed situation)
  • Set-Up (subjects faking a moment or actions prompted by the photographer)
  • Camera Aware (subjects staring into the camera)
  • Details (flowers, cakes, rings, tables, gowns, shoes)
  • Manipulated Images (pictures heavily altered with software: sepia, selenium or other toning, selective tinting, soft-focus effects, vignetted edges, desaturation, texture overlays)”

While I would eventually like to shoot weddings, my goal here is to become a better story teller. With these guidelines I will be challenged to make family portraits that don’t just say, ‘here everyone was on this day together in front of the camera with well lit faces.’ I want my portraits that tell a story about the person or people I’m photographing.

What will my subjects interaction with the camera be if only 25% of images are posed situations?

I am very excited to take on this challenge. I look forward to looking at images made by other members of the WPJA, to see what their solution to these challenges have been.

Thanks mom for pushing me to work harder!