I am having a hard time focusing my camera lately. It seems a little late in the game to be having this problem, but all my pictures are coming out fuzzy! It’s really irritating, but I’ve adjusted my diopter again so hopefully I will see results.

I have been noticing how I wish I had turned the camera just a little bit over, or tilted it just a little bit up… I’m cutting off the edges that are interesting to include blank space, not big enough to hold importance. One solution would be to simply crop over, but I’m a purest when it comes to cropping, not liking to alter my dimensions more than a few hairs. I guess what I have learned today is, keep checking that viewfinder, move slower so I take the time to see rather than simply react. Slow down so I am able to look at all the edges, move it around, crop in camera, to get the best shot once the shutter is released and before my pictures hit Photoshop. Because what I’m seeing in my photographs is that I am not really focusing when I shop. I am moving haphazardly through photography, hoping for good composition and light. Maybe I believe the myth that you are born with it (the ability to create, succeed), and in some ways you are. But more importantly, once you have been called by your talents, you must perfect them through hard work and paying attention.

It frustrates me that I have to try to be good. Maybe because I know no matter “good” I become, or how successful there will always be more we can do, more we wish we were capable of. Everything feels out of reach, and sometimes that makes my friends want to give up.