Tropicos Breeze

Monday evening Ish and I went back to Aurora to shoot.  Luckily, it was another gorgeous day!  We met up around 6:30, and both of us we starving.  We decided to start with dinner at the Salvadorian restaurant, Tropicos Breeze.  The menu advertised pupusas (like a  thick tortilla filled with meat, cheese and veggies), and the prices were right.

Because of the beautiful day, we requested to sit on the patio.  The host looked at us like we were kinda crazy, but told us to go ahead.  As I stepped outside into the roaring sounds of Hwy 99, I understood his questioning.  The sun was out, and we both were looking forward to about dining al fresco, so we sat down.

the sun was so bright they had the shades closed

The waitress came to take our drink order.  We both got beers, and decided to share some kind of fruit juice drink Ish was excited about.  Ish inquired about getting a side of yuca.  The woman nodded her head, wrote it down, and went to put our order in.  “Guess we’re getting yuca to start,” she said.  I love yuca, though I never cook it at home, so was happy for the opportunity to eat it!

Yuca Fries and Drinks

Since we had gone a little over board on the first course, we searched the menu for the best deals…. Pupusas for $2.50, and the $4.99 entree, how can you go wrong??  We couldn’t say enough in praise of the restaurant, and we hadn’t even tried the food yet!  Luckily the food lived up to our expectations.  Unfortunately, everything was so delicious I didn’t get a chance to take any more pictures until we had finished our meal.  Looks like I will have to go back to recapture…….


After drinking a giant glass water, a beer, and half a glass of tropical juice, we both really needed to use the restroom…

Women’s Restroom

Leaving Tropicos Breeze, we realized our leisurely three course dinner had put us behind schedule.  Dark was setting in, so I took the opportunity to work on my homework assignment for my Night Color class at Photo Center Northwest.  Here is the shot we got.  Thanks Ish, for doubling as my assistant and my model!

Ish Smokes the Last Cigarette before Canada

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